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What do you call an alligator in a vest?

An investigator! [badum-tss]


…thank you for this opportunity. I’ll see myself out.

CONTENT WARNING:  Foul language & behaviour (including sexual references, drinking alcohol and smoking).

Probably around a PG-15.

Kennedy tweens at New Year's Eve

Sippin' Elderflower cordial and feeling fancy on a balcony, Ray looked at his sister. Listening to her usual criticism of fireworks, he leaned over the balcony - and then he finally noticed it. It was so incredibly obvious, how had it taken him so long to see it?

Ray tried to play it cool and took another sip of his drink; but his face could hardly hide the hyperactive glee he was feeling from this newly discovered truth.

At long last... he was taller than his sister.

He smiled.