BlueGreenBlack is a long-form webcomic, and the first part of the “Extra Leftovers” saga. The story revolves around Aidan, Bellamy, Dana, Jo, Lee and Ray, six high school students whose lives will soon become entangled in a mess of walls, friendship, hills and magic. I’ve had this idiot idea since 2011, and have been working slowly but steadily towards its realisation for the better part of this decade. After a year-long hiatus (because life), I may finally be ready to dive back into the sea of creation… and do my best to whip out comic pages at break-neck speeds of once a month. TLDR: Welcome to BlueGreenBlack, it updates once a month!

I use ClipStudio for all of the art. The fonts are a mixture of homebrew and free fonts (at least I hope so, or my research skills are rubbish).

Occasionally, a page is made with the help of custom brushes provided by these fantastic beasts: