Lee – Classy AF. Ray’s sister. Shorter than she looks… and smooth as a cormorant in water.
Jo – Loves t-shirts and cashew curry. Easily startled.
Dana – Uses her fringe as a way to cut down on the amount of hair she has to suffer with.
Bellamy – Technically her first name is Theresa, but we don’t call her that. Also loves t-shirts and cashew curry. Hopes to be the kind of person who has the guts to tell you that you have spinach in your teeth.
Ray – Doesn’t know how to keep a good ‘poker face’. Lee’s brother. Has a mostly monochromatic wardrobe.
Aidan – Lives for any free time he can sink into videogames and working out. Dreads speaking in crowds larger than five.
Python Paula – Will teach you about history until you bleed with knowledge. Scarier than most other teachers.
Ines – Unconcerned with regular social constraints, she’s the coolest kid in school – well, one of. Has an eyebrow piercing.
Alyx – Just wants to get through school already.
*PE Penny* – She cares about your fitness level. She will shout at you until you start caring about it too.
Kathryn Kennedy – Better known as Kat, or “Lee and Ray’s mom”. Enjoys small acts of mischief to remind her kids who’s alpha dog.