Hi, hi, hi hi hi – update a little delayed due to Hades busy playing TowerFall, Borderlands 2 and not being able to come up with anything clever to say here.

BGB#31: You Own The Money- You Control The Witness ALT: seh take initiatives and dosent afraid So! New font. This one I’ve made from scratch so it’s only about 96% optimised. Opinions? crickets chirping Right, right right – I know it’s technically still Saturday in BC and California but I apologise for not posting sooner! I’ve spent most of the day drawing a different page and trying to come up with a title for this comic. The thing is, I usually listen to a select few songs while drawing and then pour that into one distilled title. This worked well for the first 20 pages but then (surprise) I ran out of new music to frenzy over and honestly, what’s so bad about listening to a whole load of Miracle of Sound? The guy is good! So, plan B for such non-music-frenzy occasions is to pick a song with suitable lyrics/melody/theme. Which, again, is hard if you are having an indecisive day. Anyway, things are slowly progressing plot-wise! All of this is going somewhere, honestly.

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