Well, I wonder what Lee might be thinking about! Some exciting changes (for me) have been made over the past week! I’ve always been painfully aware of the stupidly large size of my image files, and try as I might have to reduce their weight (cutting, splicing, cutting some more, changing the lettering, reducing image quality until illegible) the weight still resembled a fat rhino rather than… man, pretty much every other comic’s image weight. Why? WHY!? This week I decided to try another program for the image resizing (other than MS5 which has been my default everything) and oh frabjous day! Up to three times smaller. Most of my Monday-Tuesday were spent in glee and giggles as I alternated between facepalming (why did I not think of this earlier!?) to manically correcting the rest of my pages to match this revelation. Hopefully this improves things for you too. Right! Time to do some cold hard tax work. [cries]

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