Well, you can’t say you didn’t see it coming! Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Fries again? Really? They’re having fries twice in one day?” I can explain: Yes.


So, the uncool news first:

BlueGreenBlack will now be updating every SECOND Saturday, due to my need for a better strategy regarding real life kicking me in the nuts repeatedly. For months, I have ignored the wet buffalo in the room while relying on a buffer of pages to fill the weekly updates. I am adamant to keep this story going and I still actively produce pages, but the pace clashes with my other priorities right now. Once I stop being neck-deep in faecal matter, I will revisit the issue.

For now, see you in two weeks!

The second bit of news is actually not that cool but this post accidentally became a nice segue Tool for it, so why not: I saw the new Star Wars! It was cool! You should go see it! Preferably not in 3D!

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