M’s actual name is Maya. For the legal drinkers who shy away from whiskey – you should give her drink a try! That also includes splashing it on someone’s shirt.

So… we’re back! My laptop ran into various troubles, it took me around two weeks to fix it, I’d gone on a family trip somewhere in the middle, my main drawing tablet mostly died and I’m doing things on the backup tablet now, which makes for slower progress. Man, trying to keep it short while explaining the update pause makes me sound like I’m saying “my dog ate my technology” but honestly, it’s been a trialling January! Still alive and with a roof over my head though, so I am gonna count all of that as a win. Especially since, y’know, my laptop can boot properly again. And I’ve learned some new things! Yes! Knowledge is awesome!

Hope January has left you all intact, mostly sane and content. What else you got for us, 2016?

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