Some things that I would like to explain at this point:

– Yes, that’s a fake graphics card name.

– Bellamy’s name is actually Theresa Bellamy, and she prefers to go by her middle name. More on this later, but I thought it would be good to reassure you that she doesn’t have a secret twin.

– Kirpan is a very important part of Sikhism, historically used to defend the innocent in peril (there’s more to it than that, but if you are curious about Sikhs you should probably do some Googling yourself, learning is a pretty cool thing). While Bellamy is clearly aware of this – she wants it more for the “cool” factor. She has not been brought up to strictly follow any religion, although her parents educated her about most of them to ensure she is informed.

– You won’t find out how Belly’s grandmother feels about this request for a while. We have other fish to fry! I’ve struggled with this script for weeks, because I can only go so far to imagine viewing the page from a perspective of someone who isn’t me and doesn’t know me.

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