I'm hungry.

That's some real talk, you guys.

If you're thinking "wtf is mom doing, food's burning" then let me assure you, she moved the pan aside before getting mushy. If you're thinking "uh no... where do you come up with these weird conclusions?" then I might assume you've not spent enough time thinking/worrying/being taught about fire safety and How Not To Burn Your Delicious Eggs. Oh well. If you're thinking "who is this Hades even talking to? no one's here" then you have some personal paradoxes to figure out, don't you?

UPDATE: Yes, again - I'm sorry! Social commitments have taken up most of the free time I've had outside work for the past month or two, and they haven't been the "opt out" kind so page 80 will be running a few days late. Thank you for not setting me on fire yet!

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