Uses her fringe as a way to cut down on the amount of hair she has to suffer with.
Doesn’t like people (okay, most people).


Loves t-shirts, cashew curry and cheese. Easily startled. Quite proud of her fail-proof method of styling hair.


AKA Theresa. Also loves t-shirts and cashew curry. Hopes to be the kind of person who has the guts to tell you that you have spinach in your teeth.


Ray’s radiant sister, AKA Charlie. Shorter than she looks… and smooth as a cormorant in water.
Possibly the only person who knows “how to people”.


Lee’s laconic brother. Has a mostly monochromatic wardrobe. Despite appearances, doesn’t people at all.


Lives for any free time he can sink into videogames and working out. Dreads speaking in crowds larger than three.


Unconcerned with regular social constraints, she’s the coolest kid in school – well, one of. Has a cool eyebrow piercing.


Ines’ cousin, better known as M (or Em). She’s money and she knows it – she likes to have fun and has no time for BS.


Part of the “cool kids” sub-section, Alix cares more about her grades than where the sheep are partying this weekend. Still gets invited, because she’s hot. Dating Ray.


Considers herself 'Leader of the Pack', and A-grade material for a Successful Individual in the future. Unconcerned by any shins that get kicked in the process of her development.

Kathryn Kennedy

Better known as Kat, Ms Kennedy or “LeeRay’s mom”. Enjoys small acts of mischief to remind her kids who’s alpha dog.

PE Penny

Overqualified PE teacher, Penny’s mission is to push everyone into a healthier lifestyle. Doesn’t mince words.


AKA “Python Paula”, AKA “that scary history teacher”. Enjoys watching you sweat… with knowledge. Paula is to history what Penny is to fitness.