Where are they? Where’s the story taking place?

I don’t know! Somewhere on the North American continent, I guess. Where do you want them to be?

In what order should I read the dialogue?

Start from top left and make your way through from left to right, top to down, until you reach the right-most, bottom-est bubble.

Two bubbles connected to each other that look like a figure 8 (let’s say) follow each other without pause. Bubbles connected by a “string” are said by the same person (A), but with some time elapsed between.

If there is another person’s bubble (B) saying something in-between them (maybe near the string?), then they’re probably replying to what’s being said, so read “A, B, A”… did that make sense?

You keep saying the story is going somewhere – where?!

It is going somewhere, just… slowly. If it doesn't go exactly where you wanted/hoped, then that’s a pretty good sign that it’s a story not created by your own brain, therefore proving you are (probably) not alone in the universe. Yay!

Are you planning to add a banner soon? Or some random art?



...you can tell this questionnaire is mostly made up by me, can’t you?

Your art keeps changing.

Thank you!

It wasn’t a compliment.

Too bad, no takebacksies.

Why the glacial progress?

I've set myself a pace that I'm able to (more or less) keep up with. Some factors that contribute to my overall speed include:

  • My tool of the trade, Intuos 4, has no screen – of course it’s a fantastic tablet, but it doesn't make up for the lack of actual hand-eye-screen coordination that real paper or a Cintiq would provide. Every line I draw is less precise, and often doesn't go exactly where I want it to. Ctrl+Z (undo) is my best friend.
  • I've been trying to not give in to the inner perfectionist that my DNA has so nicely hard-coded. I know, everyone says this, I used to laugh at people who talked about this, yet here I am, spending too much time stressing about a single face expression.
  • Day job. Everyone’s gotta eat. I live in a very expensive city.
  • Other interests: I like to set aside time for activities that don’t include work or BGB, because a brain needs variety unless your plan is to drive it mad.
  • I have noticed that some of my best scripts were forged whenever I've let them breathe. At this point in the story, I'm still able to fine-tune some ideas without terrible repercussions. I want to make sure that the story feels right. If I had rushed into posting more frequently, you might have seen some some very boring dialogue.

"Ha, you mean it’s not boring right now?" Yes, yes… you’re all very funny, here’s an imaginary chocolate medal.

Why does your 'Random' button not exist?

I don’t know! I've asked! I think it’s a glitch and hope to get it fixed soon.

Why do you use so many exclamation marks?

It's how we talk over here. It conveys cheer.

Why do you sound like a robot sometimes?

I don't know, why do you not?

Where do you live?


How old are you?

Older than 18 and younger than 80.