#81: every decision is a crisis

In that moment where you’re faced with a wall of possibilities… what do you do? How do any of us cope when we’re presented with more alternatives than we mentally prepared for?   Sometimes, I’ll suggest the first thing that comes to mind. And then the second. And the third… I’ll know I’m done once the other party is whimpering in a corner, eyes full of horror and indecision.  

#80: the “foot in mouth” syndrome

Soooo…. How’ve you been? UPDATE: You may have noticed the lack of updates lately. I don’t like how often I’ve made excuses, because it starts sounding false after a while. The simple truth is that the pages keep getting pushed aside to leave room for Other Things That Need Doing. It’s not ideal, I wish there was more I could do… but the only thing you get from stressing over your failures is, well, stress. So, let’s call a spider …

#46: spanish class – bringing people together

Why are they all saying random Spanish sentences out loud in unison, you ask? Because their Spanish teacher thinks it’s funny. Plus, they’ll learn quicker if they let go of their notion of dignity and start getting comfortable with saying random Spanish sentences out loud in unison. I feel like there are a dozen things I want to say right now, but it might just be the feeling of coffee running through my veins.