#72: Lee… holds… the line.

Ever talk to a friend who was on the clock and looked kind of stressed? Allow me to interpret that conflicted look on their face for you: “Ah how nice, it’s the people I associate with! – oh no, they’re not buying anything extra – and they’re not leaving – no, why are they still talking – argh go awei, I have be useful – customers are waiting – why are they still here?! – I’m not slacking on the …

#67: that’s one way to silence a classroom

Teaching is hard, man. Closest I got to teaching was showing my friends how to do math… it was terrible. I’d talk. They’d stare. I’d repeat myself. They’d continue staring. Blood and guts everywhere… On a more serious note: for the past sixteen minutes, my flatmate has been listening to the sound of a gaggle of geese on their phone. I have so many questions right now.

#64: filing the gift requests early

Some things that I would like to clarify at this point: – Yes, that’s a fake graphics card name. – Bellamy’s name is actually Theresa Bellamy, and she prefers to go by her middle name. More on this later, but I thought it would help to confirm that there wasn’t a secret twin in the mix. –  Respectfully but briefly – Kirpan is an important article of Sikhism, historically used to defend the innocent in peril. Of course there’s more …

#50: it ain’t easy being veggie

What’s this? Bellamy has a family too?! What crazy new plot twist will they think of next?!?!?!!1#/ Gotta give credit to my flatmate for choosing between this wallpaper, and the maccaroon wallpaper. Guess one of them seemed more inferior, when the tough decisions came around… meanwhile my mind is leaking out the front door. To be honest, I’m still kind of perpetually worried that the characters’ skin tones might look too gray or too orange on some screens – so …

#28: biology for lunch

In this town we call home… la lalala, lala la anyway – hey! Halloween! And this one has no decent plans again! …because that’s what happens when you wait until the last minute to think about it. Well, at least the mandatory pumpkin and music have been arranged. Man, Halloween is awesome. I should get better at organising elaborate fun stuff.

#27: it’s nice to have blow-off classes

Some super-exciting trivia about Dana’s shirt-dress? She bought it a long while back because she needed a shirt-dress, and it was dirt cheap. Later she would come to realise that she hated the damn thing, but the store took no returns for ugly shirts (or anything else). Fast-forward to today, when this was the best available option to wear (that jerk Ronnie threw up in her closet). Oh well, it’s like Paula said, ‘dignity is a lie’.

#18: even teachers have a life

The teachers have souls too! Sort of. Again – many Apologies if letters are too small, I think I ate too much coffee that week. I’ll likely go back and fix it someday. Right now… I am too sleepy -_- In other news, I recently finished some KotOR comics that came out a while ago – okay so, everyone probably says this but I really am such a Zayne Carrick.

#09: reign of Paula

Trololololo, lololo, lololo, tro lolololooooolooooooo…. That song just never leaves you. Especially if your brain hates you. Anyway, art is getting better! Sort of… stay tuned. (Still not on the internets, this was a scheduled post. Did it work?!)   Points to you if you recognize Paula’s reference.