#36: disco disco

Okay, so usually house parties don’t go all out with the disco lights but Ines insisted on that little extra something.  “But it’s not her birthday”, you say. Yeah, like many of you have never wanted to throw a party without doing the actual work and planning!   Happy New Year and all the other relevant holidays! Here’s to a stink-free 2016! (spoiler-alert: it wasn’t.)

#33: Lee has a cunning plan

Well, I wonder what Lee might be thinking about! Some exciting changes (for me) over the past week! I’ve always been painfully aware of the stupidly large size of my image files, and try as I might have to reduce their weight… man, even 900kb was a stretch. Yet somehow, pretty much every other comic out there had smaller image sizes. Why? WHY, I asked!? This week I decided to try another method of exporting my work, and oh frabjous …