#73: the past is in the past

That’s not really a flashback, Ray just likes sitting in places staring at shiny things with a purple cloud and Lee’s picture over his head. Haha, I’m not sure I should even joke about that. So, I’ve finally started playing ‘Life Is Strange’! Very interesting game. Slightly freaky how I keep finding similarities with BGB character infrastructure… They even have a Dana! A different kind of Dana. You should play it!

#72: Lee… holds… the line.

Ever talk to a friend who was on the clock and looked kind of stressed? Allow me to interpret that conflicted look on their face for you: “Ah how nice, it’s the people I associate with! – oh no, they’re not buying anything extra – and they’re not leaving – no, why are they still talking – argh go awei, I have be useful – customers are waiting – why are they still here?! – I’m not slacking on the …

#71: change of plans? ok

Aggghhhhhhhhh today I’ve spent an hour trying to touch up Lee’s face, only to go back to the original one. Don’t be too perfectionist, kids. “Finished is beautiful”. I know I’m a few days late with this but Happy Midsummer! Go get out there and do some crazy dancing in whatever ways you are able to!

#66: Ray might be averse to conflict

At this point, I’d like to make one thing clear to everyone: Ray’s sandwich does taste better. The past six months have been sort of difficult for various reasons, and each update I have to go through the usual inner debate of “should I explain why I’m still being slow or is that whining?” – but this is why I’ve plastered a cheap paper on the wall reminding me of a simple, good thought: It does not matter how slow …

#65: sanniches, always making the sanniches

I’ve had fun drawing this page! As to why the kitchen is so freakishly tidy – Kennedy parents can afford a cleaner. They can also afford a new kitchen table that won’t make you sit uncomfortably. To anyone wondering what constitutes a Good Sannich: ALL IS GOOD SANNICH. Whenever Ray feels uninspired, he tries to mix things up and change up the ingredients. Alligator eyebrows tend to work well.

#59: Maya knows how to schmooze the adults

Okay… I know what you’re gonna say. “Big staircase, tiled floor… these guys are wealthy, right? Then why put such an ugly teal clock in the hallway?!” The answer is – I don’t know. I wasn’t there when they got it. The new font is “Mighty Zeo”, courtesy of Blambot. And the fonts on the whiteboard are called Luna and Daniel Black (thank you!), which can be found at 1001freefonts.  

#36: disco disco

Okay, so usually house parties don’t go all out with the disco lights but Ines insisted on that little extra something.  “But it’s not her birthday”, you say. Yeah, like many of you have never wanted to throw a party without doing the actual work and planning!   Happy New Year and all the other relevant holidays! Here’s to a stink-free 2016! (spoiler-alert: it wasn’t.)

#33: Lee has a cunning plan

Well, I wonder what Lee might be thinking about! Some exciting changes (for me) over the past week! I’ve always been painfully aware of the stupidly large size of my image files, and try as I might have to reduce their weight… man, even 900kb was a stretch. Yet somehow, pretty much every other comic out there had smaller image sizes. Why? WHY, I asked!? This week I decided to try another method of exporting my work, and oh frabjous …

#28: biology for lunch

In this town we call home… la lalala, lala la anyway – hey! Halloween! And this one has no decent plans again! …because that’s what happens when you wait until the last minute to think about it. Well, at least the mandatory pumpkin and music have been arranged. Man, Halloween is awesome. I should get better at organising elaborate fun stuff.

#27: it’s nice to have blow-off classes

Some super-exciting trivia about Dana’s shirt-dress? She bought it a long while back because she needed a shirt-dress, and it was dirt cheap. Later she would come to realise that she hated the damn thing, but the store took no returns for ugly shirts (or anything else). Fast-forward to today, when this was the best available option to wear (that jerk Ronnie threw up in her closet). Oh well, it’s like Paula said, ‘dignity is a lie’.

#18: even teachers have a life

The teachers have souls too! Sort of. Again – many Apologies if letters are too small, I think I ate too much coffee that week. I’ll likely go back and fix it someday. Right now… I am too sleepy -_- In other news, I recently finished some KotOR comics that came out a while ago – okay so, everyone probably says this but I really am such a Zayne Carrick.

#09: reign of Paula

Trololololo, lololo, lololo, tro lolololooooolooooooo…. That song just never leaves you. Especially if your brain hates you. Anyway, art is getting better! Sort of… stay tuned. (Still not on the internets, this was a scheduled post. Did it work?!)   Points to you if you recognize Paula’s reference.

#05: Lee’s “icebreaker” question

Okay, a few notes to my imaginary audience out there: – This is my first webcomic. Can you tell? So yeah, I’m still figuring out what works and what’s extremely stupid… also improving art as I go. – One thing I would really be interested in hearing is how the colors are working – the people-colors in particular. I know everyone’s got their own speyshul screen color calibration so if a character looks too green or purple, please let me …