#81: every decision is a crisis

In that moment where you’re faced with a wall of possibilities… what do you do? How do any of us cope when we’re presented with more alternatives than we mentally prepared for?   Sometimes, I’ll suggest the first thing that comes to mind. And then the second. And the third… I’ll know I’m done once the other party is whimpering in a corner, eyes full of horror and indecision.  

#64: filing the gift requests early

Some things that I would like to clarify at this point: – Yes, that’s a fake graphics card name. – Bellamy’s name is actually Theresa Bellamy, and she prefers to go by her middle name. More on this later, but I thought it would help to confirm that there wasn’t a secret twin in the mix. –  Respectfully but briefly – Kirpan is an important article of Sikhism, historically used to defend the innocent in peril. Of course there’s more …

#59: Maya knows how to schmooze the adults

Okay… I know what you’re gonna say. “Big staircase, tiled floor… these guys are wealthy, right? Then why put such an ugly teal clock in the hallway?!” The answer is – I don’t know. I wasn’t there when they got it. The new font is “Mighty Zeo”, courtesy of Blambot. And the fonts on the whiteboard are called Luna and Daniel Black (thank you!), which can be found at 1001freefonts.  

#50: it ain’t easy being veggie

What’s this? Bellamy has a family too?! What crazy new plot twist will they think of next?!?!?!!1#/ Gotta give credit to my flatmate for choosing between this wallpaper, and the maccaroon wallpaper. Guess one of them seemed more inferior, when the tough decisions came around… meanwhile my mind is leaking out the front door. To be honest, I’m still kind of perpetually worried that the characters’ skin tones might look too gray or too orange on some screens – so …

#23: how can you discuss food after feeding?

At any given moment in a conversation with a friend: Me: Cheese is pretty damn awesome and delicious. Everyone should enjoy it. Other Person: I’m lactose intolerant/something else. Me: Ah… Well that’s okay, cheese is not that big of a deal anyway. It’s pretty boring, actually. Food intolerance/allergies suck. To everyone having to live with that shit… well done. You are doing a fantastic job at keeping it together. Here’s to you. *applauds*