#58: what noise annoys an oyster?

This one’s partially based on a true stor: my old math teacher – a great, wonderful man – had quite the presence. He would startle the whole class with a sneeze. Or you know, slamming a heavy book to the desk. I am participating in a Secret Santa comic exchange this year! I’m still working on my present, but my own Santa already sent me a fantastic rendition of Ray hanging out with Raz, their OC. You should check out …

#09: reign of Paula

Trololololo, lololo, lololo, tro lolololooooolooooooo…. That song just never leaves you. Especially if your brain hates you. Anyway, art is getting better! Sort of… stay tuned. (Still not on the internets, this was a scheduled post. Did it work?!)   Points to you if you recognize Paula’s reference.