#58: what noise annoys an oyster?

This one’s partially based on a true stor: my old math teacher – a great, wonderful man – had quite the presence. He would startle the whole class with a sneeze. Or you know, slamming a heavy book to the desk. I am participating in a Secret Santa comic exchange this year! I’m still working on my present, but my own Santa already sent me a fantastic rendition of Ray hanging out with Raz, their OC. You should check out …

#18: even teachers have a life

The teachers have souls too! Sort of. Again – many Apologies if letters are too small, I think I ate too much coffee that week. I’ll likely go back and fix it someday. Right now… I am too sleepy -_- In other news, I recently finished some KotOR comics that came out a while ago – okay so, everyone probably says this but I really am such a Zayne Carrick.