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Aaand I'm still alive.
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Round Fifty-five… again!

↓ Transcript
Page 1: Two girls are sitting on the grass, on top of a remote hill. One has ginger hair, the other has dark brown hair.
Brown-haired girl: "Do you think ants have social pariahs?"
Ginger-haired girl: "Hmm... They're probably too busy to care."
Brown-haired girl: "Probably..."
Ginger-haired girl: "Hey, Joe?"
Jo (brown-haired girl): "Yes, Dana?"
Dana (ginger-haired girl): "Stop staring at the school. It's time to go."
Jo: "What?! No. It's too soon!"
Dana: "Thought you said you were excited about senior year."
Jo: "I said i had a good feeling, not that I wanna dive head-first into that viper pit."

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