Some things that I would like to clarify at this point:

– Yes, that’s a fake graphics card name.

– Bellamy’s name is actually Theresa Bellamy, and she prefers to go by her middle name. More on this later, but I thought it would help to confirm that there wasn’t a secret twin in the mix.

–  Respectfully but briefly – Kirpan is an important article of Sikhism, historically used to defend the innocent in peril. Of course there’s more to it than that, but if you are curious about Sikhs then I encourage you to do some research too. Learning is a pretty cool thing.

– Bellamy is aware of what she’s asking for, but she wants it more for the “cool” factor. Teenagers, huh? You might not find out how Belly’s grandmother feels about this request for a while.

Thoughts, questions, comments?

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