At this point, I’d like to make one thing clear to everyone: Ray’s sandwich does taste better.

The past six months have been sort of difficult for various reasons, and each update I have to go through the usual inner debate of “should I explain why I’m still being slow or is that whining?” – but this is why I’ve plastered a cheap paper on the wall reminding me of a simple, good thought:

It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.

While I’ve often felt impatient with the crawling pace of the story so far, having some time to reflect on what works and what’s too much has helped me immensely (nine panels per page, what?!). Sleep is an awesome consolidator of ideas and thoughts, y’all. Who knew?

Happy Easter holidays! Eat all the eggs! Unless you’re vegan. To everyone non-Easter-oriented: happy weekend!

Thoughts, questions, comments?

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