Soooo…. How’ve you been?

UPDATE: You may have noticed the lack of updates lately. I don’t like how often I’ve made excuses, because it starts sounding false after a while. The simple truth is that the pages keep getting pushed aside to leave room for Other Things That Need Doing. It’s not ideal, I wish there was more I could do… but the only thing you get from stressing over your failures is, well, stress.

So, let’s call a spider a spider: The comic is on a brief hiatus until early next year, hopefully. I won’t make any big promises that I can’t be sure to keep, but I’ll say this – the story will go on. Stories have a way of getting out into the world that way.

Unless I turn into a manticore. I’m not sure how the whole thing would work without opposable thumbs.

Thank you for reading. Happy holidays to all you beautiful creatures out there!

AND FINALLY…. Back again. Fast-forward to mid-2019…. because Life happens.

But I’m here! Still creating. Still learning. Still… breaking my websites. It’s okay, I’ll outlive you all (bwahahaha).

Thoughts, questions, comments?

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