Okay so a few notes to my imaginary audience out there:
– This is my first webcomic. Can you tell? So yeah, I’m still figuring out what works and what’s extremely stupid… also improving art as I go. I’ve already got a cozy backlog of comics to fall back on in case real life starts taking a toll. Still, I’m not known for being patient so this week I’m posting two comics against my own advice. Hey, screw you, future Hades!!
One thing I would really be interested in hearing is how the colors are working – the people-colors in particular. I know everyone’s got their own speyshul screen color calibration so maybe a character looks too white or yellow – it might be my screen or it might be me! I don’t know, you know how sometimes you stare at something for so long you stop seeing it properly?
Anyway, I’m rambling. Stop rambling. Okay. Okay!

Thoughts, questions, comments?

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